Sportsmen step up to help hunter fulfill his dream

<(intro) "Welcome back to KSL Outdoors, I'm Adam Eakle. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of times I hear about sportsmen stepping up to help other sportsmen. Especially when it concerns kids and if you've watched the show, you know I kind of have a soft spot for stories like that and so tonight, we have another one for you. And so, we introduce you to a young man named Logan Bateman.">

16 year old Logan Bateman’s world was turned upside down March 7th 2009….. A day his family will never forget.

(ty Bateman, Logan’s Father) When I walked into the room they were crying and the doctor came in and said. “there’s a 99% chance that your son has leukemia.”>

<(Logan Bateman, Cancer survivor) "real shock, it was pretty crazy.">

<(Ty Bateman) I just said look son we are going to get through this. Don't worry about it, stay positive, let's keep our minds focused on the end result and getting your through this.">

For a year and a half, Logan endured cancer treatments, but his cancer came back. His next hope was a bone marrow transplant. As luck would have it, his older brother Ty was a perfect match. Last July, they both went under the knife and Ty became Logan’s bone marrow donor.

<(Ty Bateman, Logan's Brother) "this experience has brought us closer, it's a good thing.">

<(logan) "yeah, my hero.">

<(Jennifer Chavez, Treasure Rocky Mtn Elk Foundation) "it's been hard on the family, been trying to make ends meat. Pay bills, hospital bills have been outrageous.">

<(Shannon Mcgraw, Les Schuab, Riverdale) "it's amazing what you can do when you get the ball rolling.">

<(Shannon) "great kid, his energy is at the top of the ceiling, nothing bothers him.">

And this is where sportsmen stepped up. Gunwerks loaned Logan a gun for the hunt.

Kings Camo and Sportsman’s Warehouse donated camo and hoodies

and some of the managers at Les Schaub, helped Logan secure an any bull tag. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation also helped Logan get an extension on his hunt.

<(Kregg Thomassen, Marketing Dir Gunwerks) and the kid can flat out shoot a rifle, found that out real quick.">

Logan’s hunt started in mid December when the guys took him to a Northeastern Utah. With the help of Remington Roberts, they scoured the area, saw some elk, but never got a shot. After three days of hard hunting, they guys came home empty handed. The season came to a close, it looked like Logan would have to wait another year.

<(Kregg) "we came home with our tails between our legs, kind of disappointed. Not knowing what was going to happen, a few phone calls later and some real good people and it didn't hurt being the Christmas season I think...laughs >

The owner of White Peaks Elk Ranch, Randy Marriott heard Logan’s story and decided to give him a sure shot at baggin’ a bull.

<(Steve Ulm, White Peaks Elk Ranch) I talked to Randy last night and he was really excited to see this play out.">

White Peaks Elk Ranch is what is considered a high fenced ranch. Meaning the elk are in this 450 acre enclosure.

The physical demands here are much easier, which should make it easier for Logan to fill the freezer.

The guides want Logan to shoot a particular bull. Once the bull is located, Logan is given some last minute instructions.

<(?) "the bull is right over here. So we are going to get your gun ready, ease over, it should be too far of a shot. So just put a good clean one on him.">

<(Tye Bateman, Logan's Father) "I have to be careful, I'll cry my eyes out. It's amazing, just the human touch that it's put on this. So many people that you don't even know stepped up, befriended. They met some amazing people along the way. I personally thank each one of them from the bottom of my heart.">

<(Kregg) Yeah we made some good friends. It's what you dreamed about right here. (adam) got a bull for the wall. (logan) "yeah, no kidding." (adam) Well a big thanks to Randy Marriott for allowing this kid to come up and fulfill his dream. Maybe a little spark a little spark in the boiler to get you out here again. (logan) "yeah." (adam) we've got more coming up on KSL Outdoors, but first tonight's Utah Field Guide.">

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