Turkey hunt for Dallin Hess

<(Adam) "Well thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I'm Adam Eakle. It's the second week in April and that means one thing for us here at KSL Outdoors and that's turkey season is upon us. So once again we've hooked up with the Pritchett boys and this year Sportsman's Warehouse to put together a great story and a great hunt for a special young man.">

<(Sherry Wheeler) "hi." (kevan) "can we invade?" (sherry) "come on in.">

We met 13 year old Dallin Hess and his family earlier this year. Dallin’s life changed forever when last year after some pain in his leg Dallin found out he had cancer.

<(Sherry Wheeler, Dallin's mom) "That was in July so we started chemo right away and we did three months of chemo did scans and found that the tumor was growing on chemo. So where they thought they could save his leg, that was the plan, they came back and said we need to take through the knee.">

<(Kevan Talbot, C.F.O. Sportsman's Warehouse) "We know that you lost your leg, but just because you lost your leg doesn't mean you can't enjoy the experiences of the outdoors. So these friends that I've brought with me tonight are going to help you experience a turkey hunt this spring.">

<(Kevan) "and we've got a few gifts to help you with that.">

<(zipper nat) (kevan) "to go turkey hunting you can't use a .22. You've got to have a shot gun. (dallin) "I really did just have a mini heart attack." (family laughs) >

<(Sherry) "we found he had the genetic cancer gene that his dad has.">

<(Sherry) "He's going through a lot, he's already lost a sister to cancer. His older sister Sydney has had it and his dad is currently fighting it and not doing well.">

<(Travis Hess, Dallin's Dad) it was difficult from the beginning, when we had to realize that this kid is dealing with some serious things at a young age. But he's handled it.">

<(Kevan Talbot) "It's a great opportunity to help out, get another youth involved, but a youth that has some disabilities to get out and realize that he doesn't really doesn't have disabilities, he has abilities and he can still do things, no matter how difficult they seem.">

<(Mike Pritchett, SFW Turkey Specialist) "that is what gets the tom turkey all excited and he gobbles back at you.">

Dallin was outfitted from head to toe, given every possible piece of equipment he’d need for his hunt.

<(Ryan Foutz, S.F.W.) "and those are from Nikon.">

<(Dallin) "this is awesome.">

Dallin’s job, complete his hunters safety and practice with his new gear. Mike and Kevin Pritchett are brothers who for the past eight years have been taking kids with disabilities out on the hunt. Dallin is the first of two hunters they’ll take this year.

<(Mike Pritchett, SFW Turkey Specialist) it's just been incredible to take these kids that are either a life threatening illness or just a disability where they didn't think they could get out and be a part of this and enjoy it.>

<(Mike Pritchett) it just builds their confidence and their self -esteem, to a level you can't believe. They are so excited to get out and do it.>

<(Mike) Sportsman's Warehouse has been on since day one, since we started this program. They've provided these children with everything, clothing, shotguns, blinds, anything we've needed, they've outfitted their fathers, their mothers, whatever we've needed they've done it.>

<(Sherry Wheeler) "He's missing just the growing experience of being in 7th grade and going to school. He's missing out on all that so. "It's nice to have people remember him and do nice things like this. Let him just be a kid for a bit.">

<(Mike) "you ready Griswold?" (Adam) "let's do it.">

Fast forward to earlier this month. Mike has obtained permission for Dallin to hunt private property in Central Utah. It’s the day before the hunt.

We came to make sure we picked a good spot for opening morning.

<(MIke) set up the blinds, get dallin a little heater in there in case it's cool in the morning. Just get up and get ready so we don't have to fumble with the blinds and be ready to go.">

<(Mike) "oh he's strutting right there, see him?">

and right where we set the blinds, we find turkeys.

<(Mike) "well they are right in our meadow Griswold. i think we are good to go. (adam) "that was a lot of birds back there? (mike) Dallin should have his choice there, there's only about 160. I think we are in a good position.">

<(Adam) "well the scene is set, the boys are ready to go, we've got all the blinds and decoys set, more on the hunt coming up in just a moment, but first lets pitch it over to Mike now for tonights quiz question.">


<(Kevan Talbot, C.F.O. Sportsman's Warehouse) "He's finished up his chemo, he just went and had his scans yesterday, everything came back clean on that aspect and it's exciting to be out here on the opening of the turkey hunt.">

<(Travis Hess, Dallins' dad) "dallin has been getting really excited and I have to, I have to admit it.">

<(Dallin Hess) "We've killed a lot of target turkeys, now i actually have to hit the head of a moving one. (adam) did you sleep well last night? (dallin) Yeah with what sleep I got.">

Early opening morning, long before sunup, with a skiff of snow on the ground, we get Dallin into a blind and position our decoys about 20 yards away and await the rise of the sun.

<(Mike) "are you cold? I can turn the heater on...ok.">

The early morning was pretty quiet, all we heard were a few distant gobbles, the water dripping off the tent and a few song birds. But Mike was talking turkey and finally getting a response!

<(Call, turkey responds) (mike) "ok, here we go.">

<(Mike) "dallin take your glove off.">

<(turkey gobbles) (MIke) "here he comes, here he comes.">

What seemed like hours was just a few minutes as the turkey made his way to the decoys.

<(Mike) "go ahead and take your safety off, just keep your finger away from the trigger.">

<(Mike) "ok put it right on his head and I'll stop him and shoot him. (mike calls) (turkey gobbles) whenever you are ready shoot! Go ahead (mike calls) (mike) "go ahead and just squeeze." (shot and miss) >

<(dissolve to other shot) (shot) "high, a little high.">

<(Mike) "good try buddy, it's alright.">

<(Dallin Hess, Turkey Hunter) It's fun to sit there and when they finally get there, you are like YES and you miss it's like, no... no it's a lot of fun.">

<(Travis) we are hoping we are going to get us a turkey yet, but the first half was exciting, got to shoot a couple of times, i'm sure he was nervous as all get out.>

<(Adam) "describe to someone like myself or anybody who has never had chemo, what is that like? (dallin) Hell, in a word.">

<(Travis) "with Dallin and Sydney, they've both already had cancer and they are both amazing." (use pause).>

<(Adam) "you've really had a positive outlook on a lot of this. (dallin) well it's either that or you know wallow in self-pity you know. (adam) "you are not going to do that? (dallin) "no it's more fun to laugh at it so.">

<(Adam) the wind and snow are coming up, but you had a shot at least? (travis) "he did, he had two shots. (adam) still got plenty of time to come back out and do it though? (travis) "that's right we are coming back next week again and we are going to get that turkey, he's out there. (adam) "well it was nice meeting you, you've got a great young man and wish you both the best. (travis) "thank you. (adam) Lets go get warm. Hey we've got more coming up on KSL Outdoors, some turkey tactics in just a second, but first back to the guys at Fish Tech for tonights fishing report.">

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