Utah Field Guide: Atlantic striped bass

One of the fish needed to make a wiper hybrid is the Atlantic Striped bass, often referred to as a striper. The striper is an ocean going fish that lives their adult lives in saltwater but breeds in freshwater.

In 1941 striped bass were accidentally landlocked in the process of building the Santee Cooper reservoir in South Carolina.

It was discovered that the striped bass could thrive in freshwater reservoirs that stay cool in summer, and have adequate forage. Since then, striped bass have been successfully stocked in numerous reservoirs across the US including Lake Powell in 1974.

The world record freshwater striped bass weighed in at over 69 pounds. It was caught two years ago in the upper Blackhead Reservoir in Alabama. For more information on the Striper or any other fish that swims our waters, be sure to check out our Utah Field Guide on our outdoors page at KSLTV.com.

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