Utah Field Guide: Big horn sheep

Utah is home to three sub-species of Big horn sheep. The Rocky Mountain, the desert and the California Big horn sheep. Rock art evidence suggests that all three sub species were thought to have at one time been native to Utah and surrounding states.

A great deal of effort has gone into re-establishing bighorn sheep, and the three species can now be found in a number of mountain ranges across Utah.

Big horn sheep predation primarily occurs with lambs, which are hunted by coyotes, bobcats, lynxes and even golden eagles. Bighorn sheep of all ages are threatened by bears, wolves and especially cougars, which are perhaps best equipped with the agility to prey on them in uneven, rocky habitats.

On Saturday December 7th, the DWR will sponsor a bighorn sheep watch along the Green River Corridor. The event is free and sheep watchers are encouraged to bring a pair of binoculars, spotting scope and camera. Meet at the John Wesley Powell Museum in Green River. For more information, check out our calendar page on our Outdoors website at KSLTV.com

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