Utah Field Guide: Black Bear

While fishing the Provo River we ran into avid fly fishers
Zach and Vanessa. They decided to combine their skills and
produce a map every Provo River angler should have.

(Zach Scribner, Streamlinemaps.com) “A map of the middle
here hasn’t been made since the Provo River restoration
project came through and restored the river to it’s
natural meandering, braided path. So it was really overdue
and down in Provo Canyon there hasn’t been a map made
since the highway has been updated through there. So both
of those construction projects had a big impact on where
you park and access the river. (adam) and Vanessa, some of
the other features you have on here. (vanessa Holz,
Streamlinemaps.com) so this map is water proof and tear
resistant. Since a lot of the features were restored to
their original path. Some of the parking had to be re-
labeled and holes and runs are also noted on here. We’ve
also got photo call outs on some holes and also just so
you have landmarks so you can gauge on the river where you
are. (adam) this would be perfect for someone who has
never fished here before or not quite sure what flies to
throw right? (zach) yeah you bet, we’ve all sorts of good
stuff on there. We’ve got a hatch chart so at a glance you
can get a good idea of what flies are going to be out on
the water at any given time of year. And we’ve also got a
chart that includes specific, proven patterns for the
Provo River.

So the next time you’re headed to the Provo and maybe you
want to try somewhere new you can always pick up one of
the maps at streamlinemaps.com or they said they also have
them in many of the fly shops and I know Fish Tech also
has them as well.

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