Utah Field Guide: Brown trout

For tonights Utah Field Guide, Paul Thompson with the DWR show us how to recognize and protect brown trout spawning areas.

(Paul Thompson, DWR Northern Region Aquatics Manager) Stream fishing in the fall can be amazing, brown trout get more aggressive. They’ll take streamers, they’ll take nymphs as they group up, as they get ready to spawn. The thing to be aware of when you are fishing rivers in the fall is where they lay their eggs. They are called redds, there is one right here in front of me. What they do is move the algae off of good gravels and that is where they deposit their eggs.

(paul) so as you are moving up stream just be aware of these lighter colored areas on the bottom. Because whether there is fish on them or not there will be eggs deposited in them. That won’t incubate and hatch until late winter, early spring.

(Paul) smaller cobble, even smaller gravel is what they’ll target and they want to have some moving water to keep oxygen going through their eggs. They won’t deposit in really slow moving deeper areas they a lot of times will do it in shallower runs a couple of feet deep. Even in water as shallow as six inches.

For more information on the Brown trout or any other fish, fowl or beast, check out our Utah Field Guide on our Outdoors page at KSLTV.com. Let’s turn it over to Kevin now for tonights KSL Outdoors forecast.

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