Utah Field Guide: DWR mourning the loss of one of their own

Utah’s outdoor community and the DWR are mourning the loss of one of their own. Sgt. Keith Fullenkamp, a conservation officer with the Utah DWR was killed in a Wyoming traffic accident last month. Keith leaves behind his wife Tanna and one year old son Jake.

(Troy Thompson, Organized benefit for Fullenkamp family) We didn’t spend one penny, everything we had here tonight was donated 100% from the building to everything we gave away tonight was donated.

To remember Keith and help his young family, several waterfowl hunters organized a benefit last Wednesday. Camp Chef was on hand to cook up a meal and over two hundred people came out to support their fallen friend.

(john bair, auctioneer) 375 once, give me four..twice.

Local companies donated items for an auction and a raffle and people who didn’t even know Keith opened up their wallets and their hearts.

(Greg Sheehan, Director Utah DWR) all the proceeds go right to Tanna and little Jake their son.

(Troy) we raised twenty one thousand, six hundred and eighty seven dollars tonight for you guys. (tanna) I’m speechless.

An eight year veteran of the force, Keith had a tremendous impact on the lives of many and was instrumental in organizing several events, including the annual youth waterfowl fair at Farmington Bay.

(David Fullenkamp, Keith Fullenkamp’s father) it’s so gratifying that so many people thought so much of my son.

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