Utah Field Guide: East Canyon State Park

<(Chris Haramoto) Hi, I'm Chris Haramoto and for tonight's Utah Field Guide I'd like to introduce you to...East Canyon State Park.>

Established in 1962 East Canyon State Park is rich in pioneer history. The first wagon train to pass through this area was the infamous Donner Reed party of 1846. One year later, mormon pioneers followed the same trail to get into the Salt Lake Valley.

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<(Chris Haramoto, Park Manager, East Canyon State Park) Winter time it's a great time to come up ice fishing. It's a busy time of year for us actually, we've got..>

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<(Chris Haramoto) our campground that we still continue to keep open and we've got four yurts that are very popular this time of year. They are kind of cozy little areas that you can stay in and we've also got two cabins that we rent out as well. You can check those out on our website and make reservations through our reservation webpage too.>

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<(Chris) all these hills are great for bringing your kids out to sled on, if you have a snowmobile, bring it out to. It's always a good time.>

The yurts are sixty dollars a night and they can accommodate six to eight people. Each yurt has bunk beds, a table, chairs, lights, and even a cozy fire to warm your toes by. For information on the yurts or any of our 43 state parks in Utah, be sure to check out the parks website at stateparks.utah.gov.

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