Utah Field Guide: Goblin Valley State Park

North of Hanksville is one of Utah’s most unique and popular tourist destinations, Goblin Valley State Park. A secluded valley full of thousands of mysterious, mushroom shaped hoodoos that are millions of years old.

(SARAH SIEFKEN/ASSISTANT PARK MANAGER ) “They were deposited during the Jurassic period in this muddy tidal flat and then just erosion has peeled away the overriding layers and kind of sculpted these weird little hoodoos that we see today.”

(Sean Poulin, Park Ranger intern) I love this park because it’s a natural playground. Most parks you go and see things, this park get you inter-active with it.

SARAH – “We’ve been able to improve a lot of the facilities so we have this new visitors center, we have the new yurts, which are pretty exciting and those opened up this winter and people can camp in those which is really nice this time of year when it’s comfortable during the day, but can still get kind of chilly at night.”

The campground has heated restrooms and showers and there is a lot to do nearby from atv and mountain bike trails to slot canyons and plenty of hiking and exploring. Jared will have more on the hikes later on in the show. For more information on your Goblin Valley adventure, check out stateparks.utah.gov.

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