Utah Field Guide: Greater Sage Grouse



The Greater Sage-Grouse, also known as the Sage-Hen and the Sage-Chicken is the largest of the North American grouse.

Greater Sage-Grouse are native to Utah and are listed as a sensitive species by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Each spring the sage brush flats of the great basin come alive with the sights and sounds of strutting sage grouse. March and April are the breeding months for these birds and the males put on a show that is unlike anything else in the animal world.

With tails erect and spread and air sacs inflated, this spectacular courtship is something everyone should experience.

Two yellowish sacs are inflated during courtship and the rushing air into these sacs creates a popping sound that creates the breeding display. For more information on the Greater Sage grouse or any other critter found in Utah. Check out our Utah Field Guide on our outdoors page at KSLTV.com.

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