Utah Field Guide – Mountain Goat

Likely native to Utah in the past, the mountain goat was re-introduced in the late 60’s at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon and now they can be found on many different ranges across the state. Mountain goats occupy the highest alpine environments in Utah. Even winter habitat may be at as much as eleven thousand feet.

Mountain goats prefer extremely steep and rugged areas, making them one of the most agile rock climbers around. Females give birth up to as many as three kids in May or June, usually on steep rocky slopes or cliffs. Kids are able to follow their mothers through the rocky cliffs shortly after birth. They eat a variety of grasses and shrubs, as well as lichen, mosses, and conifers.

Seeing a mountain goat in the wild, is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have. From 9-4 next Saturday, the DWR will have their annual mountain goat watch at the mouth of Little Cottonwood canyon. The DWR will have spotting scopes and binoculars on hand to watch the sure footed antics of the mountain goats, they’ll also have free activities for your children as part of the event.

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