Utah Field Guide: Northern Pike

One of the ingredients for biologists when they make Tiger Musky is the Northern Pike. Although not native to Utah, the Northern Pike is fast becoming a favorite species of many Utah anglers.

The pike has been introduced into several waters in Utah, including Lake Powell and Redmond Lake. They are now found in both of those waters as well as Recapture Reservoir down near Blanding, Yuba Lake and in some parts of the Green and Colorado rivers.

Northern pike can grow extremely large in some parts of their range, but they usually do not get larger than four feet in length in Utah. Adults of the species are primarily piscivorous, meaning they eat fish, but other animals, such as amphibians, rodents, and even birds are also consumed. Northern pike spawn in shallow water in the spring. No care is given to the eggs, which hatch in about two weeks.

For more information on the pike or any other fish, fowl or beast in Utah, check out our Utah Field Guide on our outdoors page at KSLTV.com.

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