Utah Field Guide: Pybus Point Lodge

Pybus Point Lodge is located on the southern end of Admiralty island in Cannery cove, near an old cannery site.

Admiralty Island is a National Monument, Embracing nearly a million acres of old growth rainforest, alpine tundra and rugged coastline, of which 90% is designated wilderness. The island has a wide variety of wildlife – from Sitka black-tailed deer, to bald eagles. Harbor seals, sea lions and humpback whales are found in many of the bays. But, more than anything else, Admiralty Island is known for bears. The 96-mile-long island has the highest populations of brown bears in the world, with estimates as high as 1500, more than all the lower 48 states combined. Admiralty is often called ‘the Fortress of Bears.”

Pybus Point Lodge is the only fishing lodge on the island. The Jorgensen family can host up to two dozen people a week. The main lodge serves as a meeting house and is where everyone gathers for dinner. They have rustic, comfortable cabins with running water and electricity, They even boast a hot tub to relax in after a day of fighting fish. To find out more about Pybus Point Lodge, be sure to check out this show and past shows on our outdoors page at KSLTV.com.

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