Utah Field Guide: Rifle Buck Deer Hunt

Utah’s most popular hunt, the rifle buck deer hunt kicks off next Saturday and biologists with the DWR say in almost every area of the state the number of bucks will be similar to or better than it was last year.

The last few years Utah has experienced mild winters and as a result deer have had a good fawn survival. Archers saw good success with many smaller bucks in most units of the state and many are reporting seeing more deer and bigger bucks this year, than previous years.

One of the best things you can do to help you have a successful hunt is scout your unit before the opener. If the weather stays mild, bucks will likely be near the same areas they were in the summer. Keep in mind that, hunting pressure from the archery and muzzleloader deer hunts, and the general season elk hunt, will likely push bucks into thicker cover, or into areas that are farther from roads. If you’d like some additional tips to get you ready for this years hunt, be sure to log onto the DWR website at wildlife.utah.gov, where you’ll find an updated forecast, broken into region and by units for this years rifle deer hunt.

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