Utah Field Guide: River Trip Gear

For tonights Utah Field Guide we wanted to talk to you about a few things you’d like to bring if you come down on a river.

Obviously you heard Eugene’s groover talk, that’s something you legally have to have here on the river. But some nice amenities, to bring with you. A sleeping pad, I think is a must, makes the evenings so much better. We bring lots of Go Pro’s and camera gear to bring it back to you. But in order to do that we have to have power. We do have batteries that go dead, our go pro’s as well. So we’ve got our 400 Yeti and our 100 yeti. These allow us to charge up our batteries each day and bring the story home to you.

And then once it’s night. Simply use your Goal Zero Yeti 400 or 100 to help light your camp. This is the Goal Zero light. I really like it. It’s a little more compact than their last light. Looks a little more durable, the light is inside, it’s protected. Then once you are done with the unit, simply roll the cord around the unit and slide the cover over the top and that’s the size of it right there.

They also have magnets, so you can attach them to any metal surface in your camp so you can aim that light a little bit better. Perfect for the river, the lake or the mountains. You can attach 8 of these together, can’t wait to try them out this summer.

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