Utah Field Guide: Smallmouth bass

Whether you call them black bass, brown bass or bronzeback, the smallmouth bass is quickly becoming a favorite species of many Utah anglers. Smallmouth prefer rocky shorelines, which makes them an ideal fish for so many of Utah’s rocky reservoirs like Starvation, Jordanelle, Lake Powell and Flaming Gorge.

Smallmouth are similar to trout in the conditions they prefer. They like cold, clear water and cannot tolerate water above 80 degrees.

Smallmouth will spawn on small diameter gravel next to solid objects such as wood, boulders and weeds. They spawn in water 3-15 feet deep. Generally speaking, the bigger the bass, the deeper the water and the earlier they will spawn. Right now at Lake Powell, the water is around 55 degrees, fast approaching that magical 60 degree mark, when the bass will start their spawn. A lure thrown on a bass bed…

Is sure to get a response. For up to date information on the spawn or the fishery at Lake Powell. Be sure to visit Waynes website at Wayneswords.com.

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