Utah Field Guide: Snow geese

It’s one sure sign that ol’ man winter is on his way out.

it’s the sound of lesser snow geese and their annual congregation in the area around Delta. Each February thousands of these beautiful white birds use the fields and waters between the Clear Lake Wildlife Management Area and the town of Delta as a rest stop on their Northern migration.

These geese spend the winter in the Imperial Valley in California. While there they feed and prepare for their 3000 mile northern trip to Canada’s Northwest Territories. Around the second week in February they begin to arrive around Delta. It’s a wildlife sight unparalleled in Utah and you are invited to take part in the spectacle. Each year the town of Delta rolls out the red carpet for these white birds.

Come February 22nd and 23rd the town celebrates the return of the snow geese with their annual Delta Snow Goose Festival. It’s a great chance to learn more about the birds, see them up close and take in the sights and sounds of mother nature at her best. For information on the festival, check out their website at DeltaGooseFestival.com

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