Utah Field Guide – Snowmobile Safety

Hi, I’m Chris Haller, Utah States Off Highway Vehicle Program Manager. We’d like to remind everyone that before they get out and participate on the greatest ride on Earth, that they perform a T-Clock. No, that’s not a Dr. Suess acronym, it’s just a safety inspection we’d like to remind you to perform before you ever leave your driveway. Also, we’d like to remind everyone to wear a helmet in Utah. It is a requirement for those 17 years of age and younger. And before you go out on the trail if you are between the ages of 8 and 15, we want you to get educated. It is a requirement to have an education certificate whenever you are operating a snowmobile on public lands. Before you head out on the trail as far as personal protective gear is to make sure you have avalanche beacon. Just like a smoke detector, make sure the batteries are working before you head out. Another thing we recommend is for you to carry a probe. A probe allows you to search for a person below the snowline if they are caught in an avalanche. Then we also recommend that everyone carry a shovel with them at all times, either on their back or on the snowmobile. And we recommend that you layer up and one final item, make sure you always carry a belt for yourself or another rider. Make sure you have fuel, oil, your lights are working and check your track.

For more information visit stateparks.utah.gov/ohv. RIDE ON!

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