Utah Field Guide – Utah’s Blue Ribbon Fisheries

George Sommer presented the DWR field guide, “The Blue Ribbon Advisory
Council is a 13 member Governor appointed board created to identify,
enhance, protect and promote Utah’s Blue Ribbon Fisheries. There are 27 flat
waters, with over 250,000 surface acres, as well as 25 streams, with over 300
miles of length. To find out more check out our website, go to
wildlife.utah.gov. Click on the fishing in the header bar. From the drop down
menu select Blue Ribbon Fisheries and you are there. From there you can view
all of our Blue Ribbon Fisheries, it includes access points, fish species, fishing
methods and much, much more. There is also a link to the council page, there
you can see who we are, what we do and what we’ve done. Get out and enjoy,
Utah’s Blue Ribbon Fisheries

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