Waterfowl Forcast

Waterfowl seasons opened this morning. All ingredient, such as weather pollen count and habitat seem to be assembling to create a perfect season.

The Great Salt Lake and all the other lakes in Utah have steadily risen over the year bringing more mash areas and allowing more space for hunters to spread out.

Justin Dolling a DWR-Waterfowl Program stated, “Locally, water conditions are excellent. Great Salt Lake rose about 4 ft. Desert Lake and Clear Lake which are two isolated wetlands have great water, they’ve not had that in the years past and so from a water standpoint and even from a marsh standpoint the marshes along the Great Salt Lake look really, really good. And also the marshes around Utah Lake look good due to the high water from the spring runoff”.

If you did not bag some birds on opening morning here are some areas to look into; the north and south end marshes of the Salt Lake, the Bear River Bird Refuge and the Bear River Bay area.

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