Boulder Mountain Brook Trout

Adam Easkle and Steve Mcgrath are at boulder Mountain in Souther Utah for the first time in five years. Boulder Mountain is known for it’s great Brook Trout but the two are after the super slam, the Brook Trout, Colorado River Cutthroat, Rainbows, and Brown Trout.

The mystic of the Boulder Mountain is well deserved. A high, beautiful alpine setting in southern Utah that resembles the high Uintas, but is much more accessible. Boulder mountain brook trout here are legendary. So much so, that I’ve given my word to these anglers and many others, not to name the lakes we’ll be fishing. BUT,if you do want to bring your family down for a fishing trip. We’re going to give you some ideas, some techniques, to figure out this mountain on your own.

Dave Johnson, Brook Trout Angler spoke about obtaining fishing information in the Boulder area, “It’s public information people can find it, you’ve got to pay your dues, do your leg work, talk to locals, it takes awhile, but you’ll get it.”

Wilson said. “You know the best resource is to contact our regional office in Cedar City. Those guys manage the lakes and have intimate knowledge and they are more than willing to share info on where fishing is good.”

Easkle gave anglers another bit of information, “Well if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and gas running around on the boulders, another source of information for you might be this fly fishers guide to Utah by James Demue. Pretty good book, it gives you some information on the rivers and lakes. It doesn’t necessarily go into the trophy status of each fishery, but it gives you a good starting point for your family to come here and enjoy the boulders. Coming up a little later, we’ve got more from the boulders, but first tonights quiz question.”

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