Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week – 05/5/2012

[CG :2 LineBart SmithIce off at the Berry]

Friends Jon, Paul, Eric and Bart, hit ice off perfect this year at Strawberry and had a blast. Bart says the weather went from snowing one moment to sunny and back to snow again but the crew caught plenty of fish including Bart’s 27 inch, close to 10 pound cutt that he caught and quickly released to fight another day.

[CG :2 LineTodd van UitertKickin’ off the year]

13 year old Issac and 8 year old Sam experienced a little Strawberry ice off as well. Isaac caught the big fish of the day, this 24 inch 5 pound cutt. Todd says his trip with his sons was a great way to start out the year.

[CG :2 LineBrian TaylorHappy Anniversary]

Brian says he knew he’d married the perfect woman when his wife Carly was excited to go fishing to celebrate their anniversary. They fished with Conquest Expeditions up at the gorge, and caught some big macks. Brian says you know a fish is a giant when it’s big enough to hug. A great day of fishing, a great anniversary.

[CG :2 LineDavid SkinnerPassin’ on a tradition]

Last summer David took his family to the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River to teach his 12 year old daughter Madison how to fly fish. It’s the same river his dad taught him to fly fish on. Here they are with David holding this fine, 5 pound spotted snake river cutt he caught on a elk hair caddis he tied up himself. David says, the fish was great, but what made this trip special was the opportunity to share it with his family.

[CG :2 LineRuger CarterOutdoors resume]

When you grow up in a small town like Beaver Utah, kids gain a respect and love of the outdoors, Ruger Carter is no exception. This year he drew a cougar tag for his home unit and towards the end of the hunt decided to take this beautiful Tom. I met Ruger a few weeks ago, and at just 13 years old, Ruger has accomplished more in the outdoors than most adults have. A great kid, with a bright future.

[CG :2 LineBonnie NielsonWINNER!]

But our winner tonight is a couple of darling daughters. Sisters Maddie and Ella woke their parents wearing their matching, pink fishing vests and holding their fishing rods. They announced that it was perfect weather to go fishing. Mom and dad loaded them up and took them to Vivian Park Pond where the girls put on a clinic, out fishing many other older fisherman, catching 15 nice rainbows, even keeping a few for dinner. Maddie was even wearing her lucky home-made bobber earrings when she posed for the picture and those cute smiles along with the great story was enough for our judged as the girls just won our Camp Chef snapshot of the week.

Remember send your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventure on-line at The winner each week will win one of Camp Chef’s new innovative products. Either their new Sherpa Camp Table or the 34 hundred BTU Ranger Stove. Portability and Power from our friends at Camp Chef.

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