Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week – 1/26/2013

[CG :2 LineMatt FelixGreenwing in the making]

We kick it off with four year old Addison and her first duck hunt with her dad and brother Colby. The hunt was fun, even though the temperature hovered in the single digits. Young Addison still tells everyone how she shot the ducks and even did it in her pink camo. Matt says his daughter has agreed to go again, as long as it’s not as cold.

[CG :2 LineLarry Larsen”Tatanka”]

Pictured are brothers Ryan and Shaun Larsen, with Ryan’s cow buffalo he shot back in December on the Henry Mountains. Ryan of course is the one with the big toothy grin. At 17 years old Ryan was so excited to get a tag that most people wait their entire lives to draw. It was cold and windy, but when they spotted the Buffalo things heated up really fast. A great way to close out the year.

[CG :2 LineChris Van LeeuwenOcean going Stripers!]

And here’s a great way to start out the new year. Earlier this month, fishing off the coast of Virginia Beach Chris and a couple of buddies caught 40 Stripped bass, some upwards of fifty pounds. Chris says they fished with two lures on one line and had several doubles, of 30, 40, even 50 pound fish. He says it was quite the load to haul in, an amazing day.

[CG :2 LineBrooklyn Petersondaddy/daughter date]

Brooklyn and her dad Clint had a great date last weekend in Southern Utah. They kicked it off with a fishing trip at Otter Creek where Brooklyn was able to catch this big bow. They then headed over to Capital Reef for Brooklyn’s first trip to a National Park. Clint says it was an amazing trip with his oldest daughter.

[CG :2 LineChane KellerstrassWINNER!]

And finally our winner tonight found the “greatest Snow on Earth” just minutes from downtown. With nearly 40 inches of fresh powder in the avenues and only 12 inches at the ski resorts from the storm a few weeks ago. Chane and his buddy Peter found some untracked powder and decided to carved a few turns. Chane says the air was clear of any inversion, making for a once in a lifetime photo opp to ski with the city in the background. Well Chane looks like you boys had a blast and to help you remember the day you skied above the city, we’re sending you our big prize for having our snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventures online at The winner each week wins a Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table or the 34 hundred BTU Ranger Stove. Portability and Power from our friends at Camp Chef.

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