Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week – 11/23/2013

[CG :2 LineJeff CisnerosMonster on Halloween]

Trying to find a monster on Halloween is not too difficult. But trying to find a monster management buck can be. Jeff’s son Dakota drew the Henry Mountain management tag and even though there were plenty of big bucks to be seen, a big management buck was not so easy to find. Finally, on Halloween, with the help of some good friends Dakota took this 33 inch wide, 24 inch high, three by four. Jeff says, the memories made in one week will last him and his son a lifetime.

[CG :2 LineWendell CreagerAlmost boys]

Verl’s sons have always been looking for another buck like the one Verl shot when he was 17. His son’s Wyatt and Wendell came pretty close with these two dandy bucks they got this year in the Ogden Valley. Wyatt took the nice 26 inch buck on the left at less than 50 yards. Wendell was about to head back to school, but stuck around and took the big 29 inch five by six on the right.

[CG :2 LineJeff PalmerOne Proud Dad.]

twelve year old Jace went on his first deer hunt this year and bagged this nice 4 point buck. The shot was 300 yards and Jace made it like a pro. On the pack out, Dad was exhausted, Jace looked at his dad, picked up the back pack with his deer head and cape and said I can do this dad. He packed it the last mile and a half on his own. Never was a father so proud of his son.

[CG :2 LineJoe BondRare Stag]

After ten years, Joe Bond decided to cash in his 10 points and drew a muzzleloader deer tag on the Vernon/West Desert unit. His buddies Clint and Jerry were along, they saw plenty of smaller bucks but could never find a giant. Finally, they ran into this unique stag buck and with a shot from his 50 cal, joe was done. He told his wife after it’s mounted that he was going to put it in their bedroom. Yeah we all know how that went over.

[CG :2 LineKara CaulfieldWINNER!]

But our winner tonight was ever so close. As dad sat under a tree, his 17 year old daughter Savannah crawled down a steep mountain in bad lightning, hail and a rainstorm to get close for a shot. One second after dad took this photo, Savannah drew back and lightning struck right behind them. It scared dad and the buck who took off on a dead run. Savannah was upset she didn’t get a shot and didn’t want her dad to show anyone the pictures, but her parents were so proud for getting so close. Well Savannah, you may not of bagged the buck, but you did bag our big prize for having our snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventures online at The winner each week wins a Camp Chef two burner Explorer stove. Portability and Power from our friends at Camp Chef.

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