Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week: 3/15/14

After nine years and a little luck Ken’s wife Nichole drew a Northern Utah CWMU moose tag. It was a tough hunt, but towards the end, they found this great bull and his little lady made a great shot to bring him down. Ken says, it was one of the more fun things they’ve done together in the outdoors, now he thinks, its his turn!

Two days after thanksgiving 7 yr old Wyatt Anderson. Caught his first steelhead on his first steelhead trip! He told his dad he measured it with his own feet and it measured 3 feet long! Dad says, “not bad for being the only one to catch a fish.”

At 41 years old, David had never shot a big game animal. That all changed last year on his late season Manti bull elk hunt. His buddy Mike was with him as they made a three hour stalk on this dandy five by five, with a perfect 180 yard shot, the 340 class bull was his. David says he was so greatful to have his friend Mike along and wanted to say thanks to the other guys who helped him pack out his bull.

Ryan and his nine year old German Shorthaired Pointer Reba started the month of February off with a chukar hunt in Utah’s West Desert. Reba ranged far and wide covering a lot of steep, rocky terrain, looking for the scent of a covey of chukars. It looks like Ryan had some pretty good shooting. He says, “it’s days like this are what dreams are made of for both man and man’s best friend.”

and finally our winner tonight drew a Roadless Bookcliffs elk hunt and brought back much more than an elk. Troy was successful on his hunt, but this trip was about making a lifelong memory with his son Trevor. Troy was really proud of his son as he took the pack string and headed back to camp after the bull was down. It was not only Trevor’s first elk hunt, but his first time leading a pack string off his mule Rose. Troy wanted to thank all of those that helped him on the hunt and helped him make some cherished memories with his son. He says, “you know who you are.” I’m sure you are one proud dad Troy and the next time you and your boy find yourself in the books, you’ll have another great memory to remember, our big prize for having…the snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventures online at The winner each week wins a Camp Chef two burner Explorer stove. Portability and Power from our friends at Camp Chef.

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