Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week: 7/12/2014

We kick it off with Kate’s daddy daughter date to the
berry. Kate and her dad had just arrived at Strawberry and
were setting up their tent when this 20 inch rainbow took
Kate’s bait. Kate says the big fish fought hard, wrapped
her line around some brush, but her dad dove in and
untangled her line. Kate was excited to catch her first
Strawberry rainbow and hang out with her dad and dog

Two years ago, Peg joined the forty pound club after
catching this forty two pound Mack at Flaming Gorge. This
year, she thought she would keep all the boys in her
family humble by topping her own mark with this forty
three pounder. Watch out for next year boys.

Check out the 35 inch tiger muskie that eight year old
Gage Gressmen caughe at Joe’s Valley while out fishing
with his dad. He out fished dad that day by catching this
toothy critter, yet it still wasn’t be enough to keep and
they let it go. Dad was still plenty proud.

Here’s another eight year old with another toothy tiger
but this one was caught up at Pineview Reservoir. Ryan and
his dad Klay had just settled in, dad was still setting
his rod up when Ryan latched into a big fish. Dad
scrambled for the net and helped his son land this six
pound, eleven ounce tiger muskie. Dad says those dimples
don’t lie, Ryan surely beat the odds. Dad and son are
still laughing about the fish.

And finally our winner tonight found himself cruising at
over ten thousand feet. Keenan Ryan and a few friends
spent some time paragliding over the Crawford Mountains on
the Utah, Wyoming border. Keenan says the Crawfords offer
some of the best winds in the state. They take off near
the radio towers and reach altitudes of 10 thousand feet,
offering them some amazing views of the valley below as
well as the towering Uinta’s. Keenan says the sun kept
peeking in and out of the clouds and they flew for nearly
three hours until the sun went down. No doubt a great
view, Keenan took advantage of by taking this great shot
and winning our, snapshot of the week.

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