Campchef Snapshot of the Week 7/19/2014

The archery hunts are just a month away and Jake has been out scouting for
his archery deer tag. He found some a nice buck, but these elk had us
impressed. Jake just recently purchased a scope cam adaptor from the guys at
Tines Up to capture these great shots.

If you go to the gorge, it’s a good chance you’ll run into the Reid family Aaron
loves to take his kids fishing there, especially when they have a mack attack.
Here is his son Jacob last year with one of his biggest lakers to date, but this
year it was Morgan’s turn and the kid came through landing this fine twenty
pound fish. Her biggest to date.

Hal was up at the Brigham City Bird Refuge checking out he wildlife when he
found some not adhering to the rules. Check out these pelican perched on the
dam, trying to catch the days lunch.

While driving through Huntsville Utah the other day Troy came across
something you don’t see often in Utah, a whitetail deer. Troy was surprised to
see this doe, and then got a great shot as it left the road and jumped over the
fence. He grabbed his camera because he knew no one would believe him. He
says, “You never know what you might see so take along a camera.”

and finally our winner tonight had the fish gods shining down upon him.
Landon, his dad and sister made a quick hike to one of their favorite lakes
along the East bench of Salt Lake in search of some colorful cutthroats. His
sister took her camera along and snapped this great shot of Landon making a
cast just as the clouds parted and the sun cast a perfect beam of light right
where Landon was fishing. A great shot, one you can thank your sister for
Landon as she just won you…our snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor
adventures online at The winner each week wins the lightweight
and portable Camp Chef Weekender-two burner stove.

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