Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week – 9/21/2013

[CG :2 LineJosh SkuppinQueens catching kings]
Josh went to visit family in California, while there they were invited to go salmon fishing on the Sacramento River. And wouldn’t you know it, the girls ended up, out fishing the boys. Josh says, the ladies sure showed the men how it was done, catching not one, but two nice kings.

[CG :2 LineKari Hepworth Tate”That’s how you do it!”]
Check out the huge King salmon Kari caught while fishing British Columbia with her brothers, father and a family friend. The rest of the group hooked into five kings of similar size, but Kari was the only one able to land her fish. After she did, she held it up for the other men in the group to see and proudly stated, “THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT!”

[CG :2 LineBriant JensonAlaskan Adventure]
Briant’s daughter Kayla worked in Alaska this summer, taking troubled youth on three week survival camp outings. This is Kayla holding up dinner one evening, she also saw plenty of wildlife and this unique floating fisherman’s house on a remote lake.

[CG :2 LineLarry LarsenNever to late.]
Check out Larry’s buck that he shot ten minutes into the opening day of this years archery deer hunt. This buck is the only deer Larry has taken in over four decades of hunting with a bow. His two boys have always kidded him about even taking up the sport of bow hunting, since he never shoots anything with his bow, but Larry had the last laugh as he finally did it and it was on his 65th birthday to boot.

[CG :2 LineCaleb HardyWINNER!]
But our winner tonight is a buck nicknamed the “team buck.” Caleb was up at the family cabin giving the kids a ride on the four wheeler, when his brother in law Corey came running up and told him to grab his bow as Caleb’s father in law Jim had spotted him a buck. Caleb’s in-laws, led him right to the deer where he made a picture perfect 20 yard shot and dropped the buck right in his tracks. Because it was a team effort, Caleb has decided to mount the buck and hang it in the family cabin, that you can actually see right here in the picture. What a shot Caleb and to help you cook up some of those back straps were sending you and your family our big prize for having just arrowed our snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventures online at The winner each week wins a Camp Chef two burner Explorer stove. Portability and Power from our friends at Camp Chef.

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