Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week – 9/28/2013

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[CG :2 LineRandy OswaldFirst and Last ]

This weeks snapshots has gone to the kids. After Getting up early and spending an hour setting up their spread, Conner and Carson had a great hunt. Both boys bagged their limit of geese on this years youth hunt. This is Connor’s final year and Carson’s first ever goose.

[CG :2 LineBrent KirkTwo down, many more to come!]

Denver Kirk has always wanted to go duck hunting. So Dad got him a Remington 870 pump for his birthday and headed out on last weekends hunt at Ogden Bay. Dad says they didn’t bag any ducks, but had a flock of geese come in and wouldn’t you know it, Denver dropped two. Ol’ Denver has been on cloud nine ever since.

[CG :2 LineTravis WalshA day to remember]

Travis got the boys up early to head to their spot on the Harold Crane WMA. The boys went through two boxes of shells and bagged 12 ducks that morning. Travis says they had a great time, got a few bug bites and have sore shoulders, but it’s a day in the marsh they won’t soon forget.

[CG :2 LineTy Olsen ]

Only one week out of Hunter’s Education, ten year old Ty Olsen was out on this years youth hunt with his dad, uncle and grandpa. Using a borrowed 410, because dad’s 12 gauge was too big, Ty impressed everyone in the marsh that day dropping five ducks. Needless to say, Ty will be out there opening day when the sun comes up and the birds start to fly.

[CG :2 LineSkyler GaileyBanded Birds!]

Skyler took a few friends and their boys out on the hunt last weekend and wouldn’t you know it, young Grayson on the left and Landon on the right both shot their limits of geese and both got banded birds to boot. Skyler says he kills over a hundred geese a year, but this was by far the most fun hunt, he’s ever been on.

[CG :2 LineDale JenkinsWINNER!]

And finally our winner tonight is two boys who have a knack for knocking down big bulls and big bucks. After scoring on a 330 bull and two nice mule deer bucks last year. Uintah County twin brothers Chad and Chase are starting this season off with a bang. Both boys drew Wyoming antelope tags and cleaned up with two incredible bucks. Chad and Chase always end up filling the freezer in the Jenkin’s house. They still have two bucks and two elk to go. Congrats boys on your success, keep it up and here’s something to help you cook up some of those tasty backstraps, our big prize for having our…snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventures online at The winner each week wins a Camp Chef two burner Explorer stove. Portability and Power from our friends at Camp Chef.

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