Campchef Snapshot of the Week: 7/7/14

We kick it off with one excited two year old. Adrie (a-dree) and her family
were fishing up at East Canyon when her new pink rod went off. Not
wanting any help Adree battled the fish all by herself and couldn’t have
been more proud. Her dad was surprised to find the fish was tagged and
Adrie won a fifty dollar gift card to Sportsman’s Warehouse. A perfect
memory for a very excited little girl.

Zach was able to escape Physician Assistant school for a week and decided
to spend his time at Fish Lake in an attempt to land the coveted Mackinaw.
He finally achieved his goal when he latched into this 15 pound laker. Zach
says it was a great weekend, not it’s back to his studies, but the thought of
catching another monster mack still lingers on his mind.

Chris took his best friend, for an early June mountain bike ride to Sardine
Peak for an overlook of Pineview Reservoir. His friend Brodie decided to
take a bath in one of the cool mountain streams. A great way to cool off
both man and man’s best friend.

Megan, her dad and uncle had a fun turkey hunt down in Southern Utah.
Megan had birds all around her, passed up a nice jake, telling her dad “I
just want to wait for a bigger one.” Not an hour later this, 9 and a quarter
inch bearded tom with three quarter inch spurs came to the blind and
Megan finally got him down. Dad says, it was harder to know who was
more excited, Megan or himself.

But our winner tonight caught a standoff on his trail camera. Trevor had set
up his trail camera where he was hunting bears this spring. When he
checked him camera, he found that he had caught this velvet bull and bear
having a stare down at less than ten feet. Trevor says looking at the
pictures it appear they stood their for a few minutes before the bull turned
tail and ran. It was an amazing picture that made the hunt all worth while.
And to top it off Trevor got his bear just a few days later. A great hunt
Trevor we hope to help you remember, as you just won our snapshot of the

Remember submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest
outdoor adventures online at The winner each week wins the
lightweight and portable Camp Chef Weekender-two burner stove.

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