DWR Field Guide – Boating Safety

Dave Harris, is the boating program manager with the State Parks and
Recreation Harris presented The Utah Field Guide which focussed on
boating safety.

Harris stated, “There are many cold weather boating opportunities here
in the state of Utah, whether you are a fisherman, a hunter or just
like to go out on our lakes and enjoy the scenery. But there are
several things we’d like you to remember before you head out.”

He went on to say, “File a float plan with someone you know. Let them know
where you are going.
What time you expect to return, give them a description of your tow
vehicle and your vessel and also let them know who to call in case you
don’t return.”

He also said, “Additionally, we’d request that you take your life
jacket out with you and wear it when you are out in cold weather.
There is a phenomenon called cold weather emersion. If somebody falls
into the water during cold weather, they take an initial gasp. If you
are wearing a life jacket and your head is above water that gasp will
be air. If you are not wearing a life jacket and you take that gasp,
you’ll be gasping in water and you are more than likely to drown at
that time. So please wear your life jackets.

If you want more
information on boating safety in Utah. Please visit our website at
www.stateparks.utah.gov. Wear it Utah.

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