DWR Field Guide – Bucket Biology

Roger Wilson the aquatics section chief of the DWR, introduce a topic into the Utah Field guide which is what we often refer to as bucket biology. Illegal introduction of fish into our waters across the state.

Illegally introducing a fish into a body of water can affect the entire ecosystem. Fishing can deteriorate, the expense to remove the fish is expensive and it can hurt threatened and endangered native fish.

Wilson stated, “Deer creek is a great example, we found white bass in there last year and they have the potential if they expand to pretty much eliminate the rainbow fishery at Deer Creek”

Wilson went on to say. “We may loose that with one act of a selfish person taking fish up there and moving them around, that’s just not a good act.”

For the 2012 fishing season, DWR biologists are recommending a no limit and catch and kill regulations on several Utah waters. Biologists say, this is one way to fight illegally stocked fish.

Wilson stated, “If the public wants a fish in a certain water there is a process they can undertake to come and interact with us through the RAC process, you know direct contact with the DWR and we’ll talk about these things.”

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