DWR Field Guide – The Kit Fox

The Kit fox is native to much of the western US and northern Mexico. Not
overly abundant in Utah, the species is however found in many areas of the

The Kit Fox can be distinguished from other Utah foxes because it has a black
tip on its tail and lacks the black stripe along the length of the tail, as is found
on the common gray fox.

The Kit Fox is primarily nocturnal, found in open prairie, plains, and desert
habitats, but they can often be seen sunning themselves outside their den
during the day.

A typical litter is four to seven pups born in late winter or early spring. The
pups emerge from the den about one month after birth.

The species is an opportunistic feeder preying on small mammals, but they’ll
also eat invertebrates and plant matter.

For more information on the Kit Fox and or any other species found in Utah,
make sure to check out the DWR conservation data center at wildlife.utah.gov

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