Fish Tech Fishing Report for 1/15/2012

Are you getting excited for this years Burbot Bash January 25th-28th at Flaming Gorge? Here’s a few items you might want to take.

You need some glow lures. Radical Glow tubes are great, Yamamoto grubs are great, Maniac Ice Cutters is great too. You also need something to charge them at night. UV light works great. Now you are going to use cutbait, so you don’t want it to freeze.

Get yourself a big Ice Puck, this will keep your cutbait from freezing. One thing you might consider is the Original Ice Rig. What that does is you hook your rod up to this flag, when the fish bite, it comes out, the flag comes up and you fight the fish. What you might want to do is put a light on the flag.

Another thing I would suggest is a light. This light is pretty neat, you turn it on, hang it so you can see your holes or put it on the ground so you can see your rod when you get a bite.

Also, if you’ve got six rods and you have them in a bucket, they tend to get tangled up. This is cool, you take these sleeves, put them on your ice rods, when you let go they all fall apart and you don’t get any tangles. For these tips and many more, come on down to Fish Tech and we’ll help you out. Now for tonights Fishing Line.

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