Fish Tech Fishing Report for 12/10/2011

Micky Anderson from Fish Tech with this week’s fishing report. “This week I
want to show you a few of my techniques to make ice fishing a whole lot
easier. I like to fish my lure about a foot off the bottom and I always use a
bobber. I have a little weight on there, that way I can measure how far down
the bobber would go once I drop this to the bottom. Then I take this off and
put my bait on. When you put your bait on, make sure it looks like part of the
lure. Not like a separate globby piece on there. I keep my wax worms warm in
a little container. And I’m just going to pierce this right at the back and slip it
down this way and I’m going to mold that right into the tentacles, make it look
like it’s part of the lure. Now the next step is I’m going to charge this up with
my flashlight. Got a little UV light here, charge these glowing lures. That looks
a lot better now I’ll send it to the bottom. And now that the jigs are down, I’m
going to give this just a little bit of movement by raising the rod up and down
kind of soft. Don’t do it too quick or you’ll spook the fish. I like to use a
bobber that will barely float my lure, that way when the fish hit, there’s no
resistance and you can see the hit. Just like that! Got him! I’ll get him out.
Yeah! Hopefully one of these tips will help you catch a fish like this. For any
questions about any of these tips and a whole lot more, come on down to Fish
Tech and we’ll help you out. And now for tonight’s fishing line.”

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