Fish Tech Fishing Report for 12/3/2011

Mick Anderson from Fish Tech has this week’s fishing report. “This week
we’re talking about zippered waders. In the winter you’ve got all your bulky,
warm gear on and sometimes it’s hard to put your waders on. A zipper makes
it easy! They come in pants and they start at a sale price of 89 bucks! We
have sizes for Santa Clause and his elves. And when you get back to your car
with your muddy, snowy waders.” Anderson went on to say, ” How about a
taco? The wader taco gives you a dry mat that you can change on. Then
throw the waders in. Zip it up. Now with your waders in the wader taco, the
rest of the gear is going to stay clean and dry. So for help with zippered
waders, wader taco or any of your other Christmas gift ideas, weather you’ve
been naughty or nice, come on down to Fish Tech and we’ll help you out.”

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