Fish Tech Fishing Report for 11/26/2011

Are you having a problem with drop shots twisting your line up when you reel
in. Dan Smith from Fish Tech Outfitters has this weeks Tech report.

“VMC has come up with a new hook, it’s called spinshot and it eliminates a lot
of your line twist. The way this works is it’s got a wire coming down thru with
a loop on both sides of the hook eye. And what happens is, you tie it on and
this hook will spin around that wire. I have people ask me, how do you tie a
drop shot on, well this also makes it easy for you too.”

Smith went on to say, “You put any knot you want on the top and the bottom
on those eyes. A good thing is, you can take and put an eight pound line on
the top and then you can put four pound test down to your drop weight. So
when you do hang up, the four pound will break before the eight pound and
you won’t lose your hook.”

If you have any questions about drop shotting or how to tie a drop shot on,
come down to Fish Tech Outfitters and we will help you do that.

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