Fish Tech Fishing Report for 11/19/2011

“For some people, cold weather fishing is a blanket, some dvd’s and the
couch, not me! There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad weather gear.”

Said Mickey Anderson who has this weeks Fish Tech report, “The key to
staying warm in the winter is moisture management. Wear layers, first layer
needs to keep the moisture off your skin. Second layer is your insulating layer
and a set of fleece works really well for that. Now your outer layer, needs to
be a wind blocking layer and that can be your breathable waders and a Gore-
Tex rain jacket. Or a Wind Blocker fleece coat and the coolest new pants ever.
This is a fleece lined nylon pant, really warm. For your head, a cold weather
buff or a Gore-Tex hat that is also lined with fleece. And for your hands,
wind blocking fleece. If you are having trouble staying warm this winter, come
on down and see us, we are going to help you out. Now for tonights Fishing

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