Fish Tech Fishing Report for 11/12/2011

The cold weather has set in and a lot of people are thinking about hanging up
their fly rods for the year, but why? The fishing is still great. Nate Miller has
the Fish Tech. ” we are going to discuss picking out the right fly for this
transitional time between fall and winter. This time of year, go big, go bright
or go tiny. Strawberry is still fishing great, big Crystal buggers like this, a
natural zonker like this, kind of a minnow imitating fly is working really well
up there. The fish are getting really aggressive on the rivers as well. If you fish
the Weber, the Provo, or the Green. Big articulating streamers like this really
aggravate some of those browns that are getting nice and aggressive. Another
great way to go on the rivers is to choose something bright. Right now there is
a lot of the browns and rainbows that are spawning, some of the rainbows are
coming up from the lakes and there is a lot of eggs in the water. I’ve found
generally anything that is bright kind of fluorescent pinks, florescent oranges,
yellows all work really well. If all else fails, go tiny. There is still plenty of fish
rising to midges and blue wing olives right now. And if not on the top go
underneath with like a small midge pupa, or a little mayfly nymph. If you have
any questions, come on down, we’d be happy to show you some flies and
some setups. “

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