Fish Tech Fishing Report for 11/05/2011

Dan Smith from Fish Tech Outfitters had the fish tech report. “I have people
come in all the time to Fish Tech and tell me that they’ve been up to
Strawberry trying to catch fish on a tube jig. They’ll set the hook, they’ll have
the fish on for twenty seconds and they’ll be off. The reason, I feel, they’re
losing their fish and not hooking them good is because monofilament has
stretch in it. Now also, you’ve got a limber rod so that takes up some of the
energy. So what I’ve done is, I went to a stiffer rod. I use braided line, which
has no stretch. And I’ll tie a section of monofilament or floral carbon on to it
and what that does is when you set the hook it moves that bait in the fishes
mouth so you get the hook started. To tie monofilament or floral carbon to
braid you need a uni-knot. If you do not know how to tie that uni-knot,
come on down to Fish Tech, we’ll be glad to show you how.”

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