Fish Tech Fishing Report for 10/29/2011

Mickey Andersen has this weeks Fish Tech fishing report.
It’s fall and the browns are ready to spawn, you need to understand a
little bit about the spawn and what happens.

First stage is all the browns start moving and they start grouping up. You’ll
find one hole with several fish in it. Once you catch a fish, don’t leave it
there’s more there.

If you mess up the hole, rest it and come back, you’ll
catch more. Next stage is full on spawn. This is where the females
have fanned the bottom and cleaned it out forming their redd… Look
for those places, but look for the deep water next to those places,
that’s where all the fish are holding, that’s where you can catch the
fish, that’s my favorite place to fish.

If you’re a bait fisher, try
an egg pattern and a streamer if the stream allows it… Try an egg
pattern that looks like an egg.

If you like lures, try a rapala or try
a spinner. My favorite is flies, I like big flies, I’m going to throw
in big stone-fly nymphs and big streamers.

When they are on the spawn,
they are up on the ridge, you’re going to see the backside on the
water, you’re going to see them swimming around then you switch to the
egg patterns and put it right on top of those redds and you’re going
to catch some of the biggest browns of your life.

For questions on
spawning fish and a lot of other questions, come on down to Fish Tech
and we’ll help you out.

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