Fish Tech Fishing Report for 10/15/2011

The Water is cooling down, the browns are starting to move and they’re getting aggressive. And there is a few leaves in the water, what a great time of the year for attractor flies.

Mick Anderson from Fish Tech with this week’s fishing report. “This week, let’s talk about attractors. These are flies that don’t look like anything, but kind of look like everything. If you’re a dry fly fisher, there are some great flies; the royal wolf, humpy, renegades and some of my favorites are stimulators because you can use that as an attractor on the surface and you can also hang a second fly down below it, a second attractor. If you’re a streamer fisher, you gotta try some of these big, articulated streamers. They’re a lot of fun, but don’t overlook yellow this time of year. Yellow can be killer on browns when they start moving. My favorite, though, is nymph fishing. You don’t have to stay on the bottom, you can fish the bottom if you’d like, but I like to suspend it so it’s not all the way on the bottom and I love peacock, it’s been working so well. Prince nymphs have been good, twenty inchers are good, but mix it up a little bit; redfox squirrel, cooper johns, the batman. Try any of these and I always go two at a time on all my nymph fishing. For flies or tips on how to fish them, come on down to Fish Tech, we’ll help you out.”

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