Fish Tech Fishing Report for 9/17/2011

It’s hopper season, the same bugs your are crushing in your gardens, fish are
crushing on the river.
Hi, I’m Mickey Anderson from Fish Tech with this weeks fishing report.

The grass is starting to turn brown along the rivers. And the hoppers are
starting to head to the green vegetation along the edges and sometimes they
fall in. So, here’s how you fish it.

Cast your hopper fly, anywhere you cast your regular dry fly. My favorite area
is right along the bank and I like to fish on windy days. So, sometimes casting
can be tough. What I’ll use is a seven and a half foot four X, powered tapered
leader. This will help get your fly right up against the bank. And add a little bit
of life when it’s in there, give it a little twitch. Drop the tip of your rod, just a
quick little motion. If you raise the rod tip or you strip the line, you are going
to glide your fly away from the bank. Next, grasshopper flies make a great
strike indicator. So, anytime i’m fishing a hopper, I’ve always got a dropper
beneath it. I’ll use a bead head fly and I’ll start the day with an attractor fly like
a Copper John or a Prince Nymph. Mid day this time of year, I’m going to go to
a PMD nymph. And afternoon, I’m going to use a Caddis nymph.

For help on hopper tips or any other fall fishing strategy, come on down to
Fish Tech and we’ll help you out.

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