Fish Tech Fishing Report for 9/24/2011

Fall is in the air, the big smallmouth are on the prowl, they are feeding up for winter. Some of my favorite ways to catch smallmouth is to use a top water lure early in the morning, before the sun hits the water. As soon as the sun hits the water and they quit hitting top water, I like to go to a swimbait lure. We’ve got a great variety of swim baits here. One of the best ways to rig a swimbait is to rig it weedless. What you do is take the hook, run it down through the nose. You pull it through, turn it and then embed it back into the body. So that the hook lays on top, then you pull the hook forward and now it is weedless. The other way is to take a regular old jig head and thread it up like you would a grub. So that you’ve got an exposed hook. The problem with an exposed hook is that if you are in weeds, you’ll get hung up. Some lakes to find smallmouth would be, Pineview, Echo, East Canyon, and Rockport. If you have any questions, come on down and we can help you. Now tonights Fishing Line.

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