Fishing Report: April 26, 2015

They call him… Skwala. Not me! This guy. Hi I’m Mickey Anderson from Fish tech with this week’s stonefly fishing report.

All winter long we’ve been fishing dry flies this big. Well get ready to use some giant ones because the Skwalas are coming. Now this is what a Skwala looks like. The nymphs are big, they look just like a Golden stonefly. And you can use some very large flies like rubber legs, tongue stones – flies like this will work really well to imitate the nymph. They’re migrating into the shallows. Throw these big flies in as one of your flies or two of your flies and fish the shallow edges.

Now once they start hatching, you’re going to fish the female just like you fish a grasshopper or any other stonefly. You cast it out and dead drift it. The cool thing about this though, is the males cannot fly. And they’re going to try and find the female. If the female is across the river, they’re going to run across the surface.

Take your big dry fly, cast it out and skate it across the surface and be ready for just an explosive hit. And this is the type of fly you’re going to use. It looks just like your golden patterns that you might already have. If not, we have a good variety down here.

For all the Skwala information, and a whole lot more, come on down to Fish Tech and we’ll help you out. Now for tonight’s fishing line.

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