Fishing Report: May 3, 2015

I’m Dan Smith from Fish Tech Outfitters. Here’s a few things that I take with me on every fishing trip. I have a box. It’s waterproof. One thing I do take is a pair of lip grips. Bit if you’re going to release the fish, then you can grab them by the lips, pull the hooks out. One thing is a pair of pliers. This one here’s got a whole bunch of different gadgets to take hooks out, to uh, cut line, stuff like that. Another thing is a little line cutter by Berkley, but I also use this to weld up soft plastics. The other thing I take is a pair of good side cutters. Everybody think, why do you need side cutters? Well, one day, we were northern pike fishing and I was using lipless crankbait. I grabbed a crankbait, it slid down and pinned all three of my fingers together. You need a good pair of side cutters to get in there and cut the hook apart. Because if you don’t cut the hook apart, you’re not getting your fingers apart. If I’m going to keep fish, I like to bleed them. So I have a pair of clippers so I cut their gills to bleed them. Line cutters. Also I got these little boomerangs. These are great for braided line. Hook files. You notice I got a little bobber here in case I drop it overboard. I also got hook honer for bigger hooks. A screwdriver. Just reach down and make sure your screws are tight on your reel. If you have any questions on any of this stuff, or how to use it, come on down to Fish Tech and we’ll help you out. Now for tonight’s Fishing Line.

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