Fishing Report: April 4, 2015

Hi, I’m Dan Smith from Fish Tech Outfitters. We are at Willard Bay catching a lot of these wipers. But there is other fish in the lake other than wipers. There’s smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, there’s crappie. Here’s a few lures to try for the other species of fish. Now if I was going to go after largemouth I would throw a jig with a swim bait on it. A spinner bait works really good. Another one that would work good is a chatter bait. It has a little blade on front of it that vibrates and clicks on the head and makes a little noise. In the fall, little spook style, walk the dog style, they work real good. The other thing is the crappie. You just take a light rod, put a bobber on and underneath that bobber you put a crappie jig. This happens to be a silver bullet. Also marabou jigs work really good. Try different colors. One day they are on one color, another day they are on another color. So if you have any questions on how to catch crappie, smallmouth or largemouth down at Willard Bay, come on down and see us and we’ll help you out. Now for tonights Fishing Line.

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