Fishing Report: March 28, 2015

Hey I’m going Steelhead fishing! Just waiting for Adam to come and pick me up. Hi, I’m Mickey Anderson from Fish Tech with this weeks fishing report. As long as I’m sitting here I might as well go through my gear. First thing is you need heavier line, at least twelve pound test and you are going to need a bigger reel to do that. a light weight reel that casts heavier line really well is a bait casting reel. But, if you want to use just your regular spinning reel. Try putting braided line on it, around 20-30 pound test. Make sure your rod is heavy enough for it. I like this rod, it’s a three piece rod with two different tip sections. One is great for trout, the other is a good size for steelhead. I’m going to throw lures like this. I’ve got spoons and spinners and a fresh pack of swivels. If you find pocketed up fish and you’d rather bottom bounce. Try a little bit longer rod like an 8 and a half footer. Use this type of lure or bait. There’s synthetic eggs, real eggs, even the plastic eggs and yarn eggs work really well on a setup like that. To get it down, have a fresh roll of lead and some lead sinches. The way I like to fish the most is fly fishing. There is a few different styles of flies. With my egg style flies I’m going to use a full floating line and at least a 7 weight rod. If I want to use a more traditional type fly. I’m going to use a sink tip line. I hope I don’t have to wait too much longer, I’m ready to go. If you need help getting ready to go, come on down to Fish Tech we’ll help you out. Now for tonights fishing line.

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