Fishing Report: March 21, 2015

Hi, I’m Dan Smith from Fish Tech Outfitters. Are you wondering about this new fad, or this new deal about UV on your lures? If you take a light and put it on the florescent, it enhances a little bit, makes it brighter. But if you take a UV light, and you put it on there, it just pops. It really brightens it up. Now this is lead.

Now you wonder about plastics. Now if you take plastics, and you do the same thing with the light, yea, it’s a little brighter, but if you take a UV light and put it on there, it really brightens it up. And that way the fish can see it under the water. Now there’s a few things you can put on your lures and put in your plastics that will make it get UV.

And here’s a few of the products right here. Okay, this is liquid, which goes in liquid paint. This is powder, you can mix in your powder paint. This is a dye you can get for your soft plastics. This one here, you can spray on your flies. This is for hard baits, like spinner baits. And this is actually the original one that came out.

Now if you have any questions on UV, or how to make your lures become UV, come on down to Fish Tech and we’ll help you out. Now for tonight’s Fishing Line.

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