Fishing Report: Aug. 1, 2015

Hey George Sommer here with Fish Tech Outfitters today we are going to talk about a poor mans trolling rig or an easy way to get your lure down to the right depth. Going to start out, I’ve got several things here. Some weights, swivels and your lure. The end result is going to look like this. I’ve got the weight off a three way swivel and I’ve got my lure off the end here. What I started with is a Slinky Weight or a No Snag sinker, a three way swivel, some leader and then your lure. So what we are going to do is we are going to take our main line. From our fishing rod. Tie it to our three way swivel. We are going to take a dropper down to our weight, usually that’s 8-12 inches. Then we are going to do our leader off to our lure and that’s going to be anywhere from two to four feet. That gives you the ability to change that depth so you can reel it up a little bit and you can go anywhere from the surface down to 30 feet depending on the amount of weight you do and how fast you are trolling. So for tips like these and many others stop in and see us at Fish Tech Outfitters and now for tonights Fishing Line.

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